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Saturday, May 4, 2013


I am having a blergtacular weekend.


My difficulties writing anything but a painful dribble yesterday made a lot of sense when I felt the flash of a bad headache tearing across the right side of my skull.  I was probably a little off synapse and neurotransmitter-wise long before the pain hit.  I still sit down and write every day, no matter what my mood (unless maybe I'm very, very sick), but some days I have to admit that a page and a half is a victory.  Yesterday was such a day.  

I've been hoping to catch up and get ahead of the day's posts, so that I'm not always posting at the last minute (with all the grammar mistakes that that entails).   Getting ahead means more revision time, better jokes, cooler pop culture references, and more allusions to violence at Harold Bloom's expense.  Plus, Supportive Girlfriend has promised that if she's not actively searching for the third and final person to help us out with the groupie threesome thing, that she'll take a look at my entries for mistakes.  She's not a copy editor, but she is an English major and any second set of eyes will help with the sort of doozies I regularly make.

Not to mention that I've been hoping to catch up on the house.  My room looks like it could be the set of a post apocalyptic movie--the deadly irradiated ruins right near where the bombs went off that are especially blown up looking.  And the back yard is so overgrown that I'm one animatronic elephant away from being able to drive a boat through and make bad puns.

So technically, I'm trying to get ahead, but what actually happened is that I fell behind.

So here's what I'm going to do...

I'm going to skip yesterday's mailbox.  Well....postpone really, I'll put it up next Friday.  It's only about half way done and this headache isn't giving me much respite for the sort of writing that a mailbox takes.

I'm also going to take Monday off...ish.  I haven't had a Monday off since President's day, and though I know Memorial day is coming up, between the stress and the headache (which might actually be from stress), I think I could really use the long weekend.

I still have polls, a potpourri, and some good link pimpage I can put up in the next couple of days, so there will be some content.  Plus I could stand to do some back tagging and clean up a few of the menus.  But a break from the main posting would allow me to catch up and even get ahead.

Hopefully with some rest, clemency on a missed deadline, a day off, and the stress-venting feeling of getting shit done, I can hit the ground running next Friday with the article I started yesterday, and we can take Writing About Writing up a notch.

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