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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Michael Dukakis

[Michael Dukakis's bio for our Writing About Writing Staff page.]

After a disappointing political career that started with a meteoric rise among the DNC and ended in a frustrating run for president against George Bush Sr. and a criticism-filled second run at being governor of Massachusetts. He joined Writing About Writing in 2012 to have something to do with his days and make a little extra spending cash. He is the first janitor to survive for more than a week. (Unfortunately, that's LITERALLY survive; the early history of Writing About Writing's janitors was not a pleasant one.) He really, really likes Elizabeth Warren.

Editors note- At least that's who he SAYS he is.  I'm not convinced he's not just some weird old dude. But at least he cleaned up the remains of thousands of dead ninjas and Octorians without complaining and doesn't mind that my administrative assistant little round marks (from wet suction cup thingies) on everything. Michael has actually had more than one conversation with the cheese guy on the third floor (about something other than cheese).

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