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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Seasons Greetings From Writing About Writing

From everyone here at Writing About Writing, most of whom are figments of my imagination, have a wonderful holiday season--however you choose to celebrate it.  (Even if that way is arming yourself for the war on Christmas.)

The last week of the year will deviate from our regularly scheduled program. We're going to take tomorrow completely off (but we'll probably sneak over to the laptop to write on some fiction anyway).

After that we'll be putting up some end of the year posts like our annual thank-you post to our patrons, and the 2013 Hall of Fame. We may even actually manage to make Grendel turn in his bio. There are likely to be some "real" articles going up, but they may not do so on their normal scheduled days.

We will hit the ground running on January second and get set to rock 2014 with some serious writing.....about writing.

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