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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Poll Results: Best Speculative Fiction

The results are in.  The best (non sci-fi/non fantasy/non horror) speculative fiction novel is....

So thank you to everyone for participating (though I am doing narrow eyes at whomever nominated The Rook and then didn't vote for it).  The talking rabbits have it.

It was surprising.  Watership Down never got out of third or fourth place until my 48 hour extension.  Then, suddenly, it shot into the lead.

Rabbits are built for sprints, I guess.

Better yet, it seems like all the ties ended up being broken one way or another. Even the weeks long dead heat in the middle of the poll finally got broken up in these last couple of days.

I also want to thank so many of you for participating.  Even at three votes each, at least 120+ people voted in our poll.  That's incredible! Our polls are really getting interesting.

So stay tuned in the next couple of hours for the new poll to go up. And if you haven't made any nominations or seconded others for the BEST CLASSIC SCIENCE FICTION AUTHOR, you still have time to get over there and help shape December's poll.


  1. You know... there are a couple there I haven't actually read before (OK, 3...). Going to read at least some of them all before I vote :-)

    I realised after I had nominated Asimov that "The Gods Themselves" was actually 1972... on consideration, I'd still have nominated him anyway though!