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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

November's Best 2013

Still recovering from the arrival of "The Contrarian" who is our newest little crime fighter. He's gotten home from the hospital and has been showing off his psychic powers of contradiction.

However, we've been on hiatus for over a week now. And while the reasoning for this will probably make perfect sense once I tell you about The Contrarian's entrance into the world, and the terrorists led by Hans G. Roober who tried to take over the hospital for the bearer bonds in the safe, and the psychic showdown on the rooftop. I'm not sure who takes over a hospital during Christmas season, but it all felt really familiar for some reason.

Anyway the point here is that I apologize for taking longer than the couple of days but after eighty hours of labor, some seriously heroic heroism, and the day of just sleeping that we needed to catch up, I'm finally back.

These are the articles from November that will be going on into the Hall of Fame.

Seven Bits of Advice to Get You Through Week 2 of NaNoWriMo

The Mailbox: Traditional vs. Digital Publishing

A Demon's Rubicon Part 3

I'd also like to give honorable mention to "The Remote Milestone."  While I don't usually put the "meta" articles in with the "Best of W.A.W." (Like poll results or poll descriptions.) That one did get enough page views to make the list.

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  1. Congratulations :-) I kind of figured that was happening with no updates for a bit, and it's completely expected!

    Can't wait to hear the details of the heroism, but no hurry!