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Sunday, December 29, 2013

There's Always Room for One More

Donating to Writing About Writing involves less spit running
down your cheek than being tied up by English executioners.
So...there's that.
Photo Image: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves 
Warner Bros.
Morgan Creek Productions
I am currently tallying up all the folks who have given to Writing About Writing--most through the Paypal button, but a couple who know me in person have done so directly. Our Ad revenue only accounts for about 25% of W.A.W.'s total (and we would probably get rid of ads if donations alone could pay the bills). These are lovely people who have given their hard earned money to help Writing About Writing cover a few expenses, and maybe even take it's contributions to the next level.  Each year I make a list of everyone who has donated--usually by first name only, but occasionally by full names or anonymously.  The post goes up early in the new year.

There are still two days left to be a 2013 donor!

I already "passed the hat" a few days ago, so I'm not going to hector or guilt folks into donating, but I will simply mention that if anyone would like to be included with 2013's patrons, as well as enjoying any of the benefits of donating larger amounts, it is the last couple of days to do so.

 (2012's Generous Donors)

It's a much, much longer list this year than last year, and though every single person on it is spectacular, it is also filled with much more breathtaking totals.

But there is always room for one more!

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