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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Don't Forget to Vote

If you know any Dresden fans, now would be the time to give them a call.
There's only a week left to vote in our Why Even Fucking Bother Because of Discworld Fanbases Best Fantasy Series! So stop by and get your vote on.  

Less than a week remains to vote until Discworld's rabid fan base will put this poll out of its misery the exciting conclusion to our June poll. And even though it really only matters what happens after second place Discworld will probably win, it took nominations, seconds, and semifinal victory just to get on this poll.

However, even though it's totally over it's not over yet–especially since Polldaddy allows everyone to vote once a week. If you voted before the 17th, you can vote again! It's still going to be Discworld by a landslide no matter what we do anybody's game.

So take a moment to scroll down to the long black poll on the lower left and at least go for a a good runner up status give the series of your choice some love.

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