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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Really Really Last Chance. Really.

Tomorrow is the end of June. In addition to meaning that this horrible trend of longer days has finally come to an end and my cats will shortly end up hiding under the bed as the local delinquents blow up M-1000's around the neighborhood, it also means that our June poll and Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Fundraiser are coming to an end.

So please, take a final moment to vote in The Best Fantasy Series of All Time poll if you haven't yet (or if your last vote was over a week ago and you want to vote again).  Most of the results probably can't be changed, but there might be a hidden deluge of Harry Potter fans out there who could change everything. I will close the poll tomorrow night, and post the results on Tuesday.

Also, tomorrow evening, I will be pledging to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter with 1/3 of everything we've made this month. I'm no Seth McFarlane, but I have the honor of saying that with all your donations (and the trickle of ad revenue) I will be pledging $75.00. Thank you all so much. Of course, it's not too late for an 11th hour donation. Remember that because of two donors who have pledged to match Writing About Writing's donation, anything you give today will be almost doubled (2/3 to W.A.W. and the full amount to Reading Rainbow).

Last chance to save the world AND help out that blog that makes you laugh almost daily.

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