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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hang On. We're in for Some Chop

Fair warning.

I love you all.

Seriously, I'm not just saying that. I feel funny in the heart when I think about my readers, which is like feeling funny in the pants except that it's in the heart....and it's less embarrassing when it happens on public transit.

And if I could create a shelter out of my love and nom on some love sandwiches, we'd be set. But those fuckers at the bank insist on cash.

That means I am beholden to these stupid day jobs in order to pay for my hookers and blow.

Last year when I got this summer school gig, I knew that it would probably be hard to keep a regular posting schedule, and I was right. Things got a little haywire. I'm going to try to get things drafted on the weekends, so I can still post stuff, but there might be a lot of jazz hands. I won't bother putting up a whole new posting schedule since it's only for these six weeks and no one but me really cares if I'm posting off my schedule anyway.

But if you see my posting starting to go up at weird times or lots of it on the weekends and not so much on Tues/Wed/Thurs it's probably because I'm coming home from school, locking myself in the bathroom, getting in a hot tub, rocking back and forth and repeating "Killing pre-teens is still murder. Killing pre-teens is still murder...."

Last year, I did a lot of jazz hands, missed a few posts on the days of summer school, and mostly got through it without anybody but me really noticing. But I did want to warn everyone. I think my secret dark horror involves one of you checking out my blog and saying "What the hell is THIS? Wednesday is supposed to be a main article! Who is this asshole to tease me and then not deliver? I curse thee Chris Brecheen. I CURSE THEE!!!!!"

And then I would start dropping all my salt water taffy before I could eat it or something. It would be horrible.

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  1. Parents get it. People with jobs get it. People who volunteer get it. People with intense hobbies get it. I think that is all of us. Carry on.