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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vacation's Vacation

I'm done on this side.
Will someone flip me over?
As we near the end of my "vacation," I find myself in need of a vacation from my vacation. Not that I didn't love the people I visited and the people who visited me, but an introvert gets cooked when they're around others, no matter how much they enjoy the company, and after a month of podcasts, conventions, visits, and company, I am well and truly cooked.

I also seem to be nursing a rhinovirus, and I want the Ninja Turtles to come treat it like Rocksteady. (Get it? Rhino....virus.... Rocksteady was a....never mind.)

Anyway, once I've had some vacation from my vacation–a nap, some video games, binge watching Orange is the New Black, perhaps an entire day that does not require pants, and a weekend where the only other humans I see are the other heroes here in the Hall of Rectitude or the pizza delivery guy, I am sure I will feel much better and ready to start the summer school+blog six weeks of uberdoom.

Fire up your fantasy opinions (and vote in our semi-final if you haven't yet) because tomorrow the final round goes up. Writing About Writing is about to hit the ground running.

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