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Monday, June 9, 2014

Introducing O.G.

This color will forever make me very happy.
As I wrap up the last couple of days of my "vacation," I'd like to take just a quick moment to introduce our latest addition to the Cast and Crew.

O.G.- I'm not sure what the "G" stands for, but the O stands for "Original." I know this because after I asked if "O.G." meant "opera ghost," she laughed and told me the O was for "original." ("Original gangsta?" I asked.  "Do I look like a gangster?" she asked.) What I can tell you is that she sure does seem to like me and my writing for some reason.

A lot.

She came to Oakland from her monastery (The Order of the Cyan Locks) in the high desert of The Rocky Mountains where they pride themselves on ancient recipes for green chili and omelets (and green chili ON omelets, I think) and where they do yoga for hours a day under the arid blue skies. She made a holy pilgrimage to Oakland to help me with my writing, and she's been hanging out with me for the past few days–watching me, noting everything from my productivity cycles to my facial expressions while I type to my posture. She's also had some incredibly motivational techniques that make me very happy to be a writer.

I know I have a couple of days left on this scare quotes "vacation," but I'm really excited to get back to writing. I'm just so.......inspired.

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