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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Poll: Best Fantasy Series (Final)

What is the best fantasy series of all time?

Now it is time for the final round. The four victors from two semifinal polls have advanced to the final round and will now square off against each other in the ultimate battle royal for absolute dominance*.  From the nomination process, through the semifinals, these series are the ones you have chosen as the best fantasy series ever written. It all comes down to the next two weeks and change.

In fact...this calls for music.

These are the winners of our most recent semifinal poll:

Chronicles of Narnia-Lewis
Dragonriders of Pern-McCaffery

These four will be joined by the winners of the last semifinal poll:

The Lord of the Rings- Tolkien
Harry Potter- Rowling
Jhereg- Brust
Earthsea- LeGuin

Recently we've had some shenanigans with the votes. Some might call it "stuffing the ballot." Others might call it "getting the vote out." A quick shout out on a fan site or a Reddit can get a lot of votes on normally-modest blog like mine. Our polls normally get a couple hundred votes, but recently they've gotten over a thousand. I know some of you find the added voting activity somewhat frustrating, but even if I weren't delighted with the traffic, there would be nothing I could really do about it. I'm actually a little bit surprised it didn't happen sooner. My best suggestion is to do your best to promote the poll so that lots of shout outs cancel each other out and don't let a single tapped fandom dominate.

However, in order to help combat people who come here at the behest of a single series, I'm giving everyone a LOT of votes–five, in fact. Hopefully people who come at the behest of a fandom shout out, will also vote for other series they like and the result will be a more stabilized landscape. However, it also means since there is no ranking system that a vote for your favorite and your "fifth favorite" series will carry just as much weight, so only use all your votes if you really can't decide.

Also, don't forget that Polldaddy will "forget" your ISP in one week and allow you to vote again. If you're crazy about a series, vote early and vote often!

The poll itself is down at the bottom left of the side widgets. It is long and black. ~titter~ Everyone gets FIVE (5) votes!

*Until we run this poll again in another couple of years.


  1. "My best suggestion is to do your best to promote the poll so that lots of shout outs cancel each other out and don't let a single tapped fandom dominate."

    And the fact that this will bring even more traffic to the site is just a happy coincidence, right ;)