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Friday, December 12, 2014

Called Away

Dear Readers of Writing About Writing,

Cedric here.

Chris has been called away at the last minute to Houston, Texas to do some side kicking there for their local crime fighting team whose own resident sidekick is in the middle of some pretty ferocious finals.

Apparently she decided she wanted to get an MBA and open a little barrista and doughnut shop near Baycliff. So Chris bounced out to take over the sidekick duties of getting beat up and needless expository dialogue while she bones up on

Chris is currently under "deep cover," so if you see him, don't mention the crime fighting thing. Ostensibly his cover story is that he's over there visiting his mom, but he's really going to kick some ass and clean some kitchens.

And it occurs to me that I probably shouldn't have told you that, so please don't mention it when next you see him.

I'm hoping I can can whip at least a few of the guest bloggers into shape for the next few days to get some articles up. Plus Chris said he might be able to e-mail me an article or two if he gets enough downtime. We'll be working hard here at writing about writing to make sure that Chris's moonlighting vacation doesn't interrupt your blog reading experience.

But just in case, you might get ready for some reruns.

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