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Monday, December 22, 2014

One....MILLION Pageviews!

Whoever that one person is, they are very, very fast.
That was just in the half second it took me to click
open my blog from the analytics page.
Hi there beloved readers, 

Today, at a little after eleven o'clock, Writing About Writing reached a million page views. 

That's more people than live in Austin, Texas or about as many as live in San Jose, California. It's almost as many as live in Dallas.

It has taken me nearly three years of writing to reach this point and very nearly 1000 posts (about 35 to go). Some posts went viral and got a quarter of a million page views. Others from the first days of the blog have languished and never even hit double digits. 

When I started blogging, I had a lot of false humility. "Oh, I'm sure it won't be that big," I said with a plastic smile. Secretly though, down in my heart, I believed that as soon as I hit the blogoverse, and people had a chance to discover I was there, my genius would attract people in droves. I honestly thought my first million was probably going to happen within the first year. 

As reality set in, it became pretty clear that a million page views would be on the "crackpipe dream pile" with groupie threesomes, "paying the bills with writing," and the hope that people would stop rolling their eyes when I said I was a blogger. After that, my far, far, FAR more realistic estimate was that I was probably looking at at least six or seven years before I reached a million hits–maybe even a little longer. In those first few months, pulling down 8, 10, 12, and even 4 thousand page views it never crossed my mind that I could get there in any fewer than five years. I would have thought that was being too optimistic.

Yet here we are at a little less than three. 

I love you all for appreciating my shtick.
As always, my thoughts turn to gratitude The reason I'm not an old man merely yelling at the clouds here is because of each of you. Many of you have not just stopped in to read an article or two, but have followed my page and visited regularly, and a few of you have even shared article, helping me to go far and wide.

Though the future of my writing is still a little hazy, it seems that the possibility of a career of non-traditional publishing is at least feasible, and this blog may be the centerpiece of an actual really, real career in writing for a living. However that shapes out exactly though, it was entirely because of all of you.

Thank you so much. You all leave me breathless.

One....MILLION page views.

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