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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Best Heroine Poll (Quarterfinal Results)

Our final quarterfinal poll has completed. Thanks to everyone who took part. Here are the results:

Everyone from Lyra up will be going on to our semifinal polls. 

Rachel, Susan, The Wife of Bath, and Phedre will receive some lovely parting gifts; let's give them a warm round of applause for coming on the show.

So here is our list for the semifinals. Take a breather. They will kick off on Tuesday. 

Killashandra Ree–Crystal Singer
Eowyn–Lord of the Rings
Jo March–Little Women
Laura Ingalls–Little House Series
Katniss Everdeen–The Hunger Games
Charlotte–Charlotte’s Web
Cordelia Naismith–Vorkosigan Saga
Elena Michaels–Bitten
Lisbeth Salander–Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Anne Shirley–Anne of Green Gables
Hermione Granger
Honor Harrington
Keladry of Mindelan
Lyra Belacqua 

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