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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Social Justice Bard's Social Justice Metaphors

I often write metaphors on my Facebook page that are connected to social justice. They are usually imperfect (as most metaphors ultimately are--love is, after all, nothing like a rose), but they serve to illustrate social justice points–and also how to set up a good extended metaphor.

Because writers never can have too much practice setting up good extended metaphors.

Most get a few likes and slip quietly into the night. But the most popular will get a fresh coat of paint and ascend to more permanent glory here at Writing About Writing.

The Really Dangerous Intersection
Allies are Like Sports Fans
Ducks and Monopoly
The Shawshank Metaphor
Tall Privilege
A Reminder About the Tone of Rebels (Happy 4th of July)
No More DOTs!
The Nut Shot
Why Others' Stories Matter
Repairing Cars
On Crappy Social Justice Teachers

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