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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Poll Results Best Contemporary Fantasy Book (or Series) Semifinal 1

Text results below.

Auspicious timing! The flip between the two semifinals (with all its admin posts taking up so many days worth of space) happened right when I was having a doozy of a time at job two. Monday I stayed late, slept over, and Tuesday I woke to do the "early" shift. By the time I woke up on Wednesday, I had already worked 30 hours this week. And I still had to work Wed and Thurs (just not as much). So I'm just now showing signs of recovering from it all. But honestly I'm happy to be able to have a few days where what I need to do is post vote reminders, results, and then the new poll. 

However, I AM OFFICIALLY ON QUARANTINICATION! (Gotta quarantine after a dental appointment for a week so I don't take The Rona™ back to immunocompromised clients, but work's been so busy during Sh.I.P. that it's actually a sweet, sweet break.) So this coming week should give me some good writing time.

Thank you all so much for voting. I can't say I'm too surprised so far, but maybe round two or the finals will toss a loop or three at me.

Ghost Story - Peace Talks - J. Butcher 98 39.52%
Inheritance Trilogy - N.K. Jemisin 57 22.98%
Circe - M. Miller 29 11.69%
First Law - J. Abercrombie 23 9.27%
The Starless Sea - E. Morgenstern 19 7.66%
The Poppy War/The Dragon Republic - R.F. Kuang 15 6.05%
Sorcerer to the Crown - Z. Cho 7 2.82%

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