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Monday, July 20, 2020

Poll Results: Best Contemporary Fantasy (Semifinal 2)

Text results below

I know I don't usually post on Monday, but I owed you from Friday last week (when I had an emergency nanny shift). Plus I have a lot to do this week. I thought I could wait out a recession, but so much of this pandemic is starting to take on "The New Normal™" properties here in the U.S. that I'm going to have to start back up doing appeals posts. And that means I want to put out some good articles before I pass the hat. So I need to get all the admin and jazz hands out of the way. 

That means you're going to see the final round go live LATER TODAY! 

We had a three way tie for fourth place, so ALL of those titles will go on to the final round. That means ten titles instead of only eight, but I didn't want to wait any longer for a kingmaker. (Or I guess for a whomever-is-fourth-under-the-king-maker.)

The Stormlight Archive - B. Sanderson 98 54.14%
Broken Earth Trilogy - N.K. Jemisin 43 23.76%
The Innkeeper Chronicles Series - I. Andrews 10 5.52%
Discovery of Witches Trilogy - D. Harkness 8 4.42%
Middlegame - S. McGuire 8 4.42%
Riyira Revelations - M. J. Sullivan 8 4.42%
Ancillary Series - A. Leckie 6 3.31%

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