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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Best of May and June 2020

Because of Covid-19, my nanny hours doing their very best bamboo impression, and my rather dismal success shrugging off both to focus long enough to write full articles while my ADD is flaring like the sun during the last ten minutes of a Star Trek episode.....

....takes a breath because boy was that metaphor carrying way too much weight....

...I am doing something a little different today. 

I've written so few full articles that going to combine May and June together and do one "best of" post for both of them. Hopefully I only ever have to do do this once. But in the last two months, these are the articles that performed the best and will be joining the others in The Greatest Hits.

You Can Have the False Dichotomy, but I'm Keeping the Word

I'll admit that introversion and extroversion occurs on a spectrum instead of a dichotomy, if you'll never again consider removing the words altogether. Because frankly that word is a little world of loving joy for me.

Trying to excuse the damage done with the idea that it is ONLY words is a little preposterous coming from writers, but they still try.

JK Rowling is a trans-antagonistic bigot. JK Rowling wrote a series that means a lot to a lot of people. Is it possible to reconcile these two facts?

Honorable Mention

So this post would have made second place, but it is technically a round up of Facebook posts and not its own article. Still I'll give it a proud nod. 

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