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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Computer Death Strikes Again

So I try not to apologize these days for taking days off, especially since Covid. But this time I really do want to apologize. This week hasn't had any disasters, but I've repeatedly been dealing with the fallout from LAST week.

This week was already a special case since Monday, I had to write an overdue newsletter for my patrons (overdue because of all the broken computers and bullshit), and Tuesday I took as an admin day (that I needed because I was so far behind from a month of disasters and just trying to tread water). But there should have been a post today, and I basically just opened my computer to discover that what I thought was ready to go was on the dead computer. Not even the dead Mac (which might mean it got clouded) but the backup bandaid I was using for a couple of days that ALSO died. 

There's a tiny sliver of a chance I might make it up tomorrow, but in all likelihood, it'll actually be Friday. I have the text of it in a file so it'll be easier to format than starting COMPLETELY from scratch, but I still have to do a lot more than just fix some commas. Also all the images have to be reacquired and that's an hours-long process. 

At least my new computer is here now. 

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