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Monday, June 3, 2013


Oh like YOU wouldn't lick yourself raw if you could.
Today's article on prose rhythm is going to have to go up tomorrow.   Benjamin J Cat  had to take a break from his machinations to murder me in order to go to the vet for some spots where he's apparently licking himself raw.

Normally I would already have Monday's article mostly written by Monday, and a vet visit wouldn't throw me, but Uberdude and The Brain were visited by their nephew.  Nephew is a bit too young to have a superhero name and fight crime, but his powers are being cute and whining really, really loud at a frequency that can shatter spinal columns.

I'm actually thinking the littlest future crime fighter should be called DepriVOR because he's really really good at using his particular combo of powers to induce massive amounts of sleep deprivation.  He was only here two nights, and I think I have a six hour sleep debt.  I need a nap, and my baba.  And my blankie.  And obviously if I were some kind of criminal mastermind, I would now be making stupid mistakes due to DepriVOR's powers.  Mistakes that would lead to my downfall.  So my nephew-in-peep has a very promising career as a support superhero if he stays sharp and hones his skills.

Little dude was accompanied by The Tornado, who touched down in our house for 24 hours, moving furniture, DVD's, books, everything.  Right now there is pasta and dry beans displayed quite elegantly in the foyer.

I'm not even sure I can fully get my head around that.  Why would you ever..... I don't....

Needless to say, I feel a little behind my usual not-entirely-100%-completely-last-minute lead time.  And that meant that poor Ben getting sick kind of fucked my morning.  So I'm going to spend today doing what I should have been doing yesterday while I was trying to keep my spinal column from shattering. And then tomorrow I'm going to post what I should have posted today.

~insert obligatory observation that I REALLY need to be writing a few days to a week ahead of myself instead of last minute here~

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