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Monday, June 17, 2013

Warning: Strange Days Ahead

Writing About Writing's Update Schedule Might Become a Wibbly Wobbly ball of Updatey Watey, Posty Wosty for a while.  

So as I mentioned earlier, I'm teaching summer school and that starts this week.  In fact, today I appear to be discovering that writing lesson plans a substitue could work from (if needed) is a little harder than my regular amount of prep.  Plus there was some orientation thing that I needed to go to--which is always a drag for me since my one way commute is usually as long as an orientation. The good news is I only need to do one orientation and one set of lesson plans for all six classes.

Summer school is Tues/Wed/Thurs.  This might play a little havoc with my update schedule, but I should still be able to get the same amount of posts up.  They just might happen at irregular times.  So if Writing About Writing experiences a couple of missing articles over the next six weeks, you're probably just going to get the same content sometime that weekend.

You should count this update.  My longer "Monday-normal" article will probably be up by Wed or Thurs.

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