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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Poll Results: More Fiction

Bacon wins again, but at least I got some data.

I want to thank everyone who voted on the poll about whether or not you'd like to see more fiction (or if you wanted the blog to continue as per normal).  Obviously things were too close to say that either option or the other was the runaway favorite, but that, in and of itself, tells me something.  Even the low poll turn out and more attention to goofball answers tells me that a lot of people don't have a horse in this race.  

And you all were quite lovely for not picking the options that would make me cry.
Though I figured it would go one way or another, the fact that it didn't tells me is that I was probably right to approach my fiction the way I had intended to originally--even after I found that The Hall of Rectitude was expecting a baby and time might be at a premium.  There might be a bit more fiction at the expense of a few regular articles, but for the most part, I'm going to work to keep the posting schedule pretty consistent unless I'm working directly on something.  

And who knows...while it's probably unrealistic to expect Writing About Writing to become financially viable in the next year, I see some improvement almost each month, so there may yet be an opportunity to drop some of my other job commitments and give that time to writing.  With househusbandry, that may involve getting a little bit of help for a couple of hours during the day, but it amounts to the same thing--the more I can make here, the more this can be my job.

Tangentially--I think I'm probably going to leave even the "short" polls up a little longer after this one.  Encouraging people to vote often means going on social media to ask for votes.  Done three or four times over the course of a month and once right before I close the poll, it can be... noticeable to those who aren't that interested in my blog, but on a timetable of only a week, it seems like that's all I'm posting over and over again.  

It was getting obnoxious even to me.  

My next poll going up (probably Tuesday or Wednesday since I really am going to try to take tomorrow off) has to do with longer works of fiction and how you might like to see them handled--specifically with regards to what you might feel more inclined to support financially.  So let that tease your brain a bit.

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