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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Please Welcome Our Newest Little Crime Fighter

So the reason I'm sort of getting nervous about how strategically I allocate my time is because there might be a lot less of it soon, and I need to make sure I'm getting maximum bang for my buck.  Cause I like banging.  And I don't have very many bucks.  (Which reminds me: you should totally vote in the poll on the bottom left about what kind of writing you want to see more of here!)  So it's important to me that the buck to bang ratio is as optimized as possible.

The thing is, we're about to get another little addition to our Crime Fighting League.  Yep, that's right, the Hall of Rectitude is gonna need a nursery.  This is Uberdude and The Brain's handy work.  They've been trying to genetically engineer new superheroes for a while since we live in Oakland and there's a lot of crime to be fought. It seems they finally stumbled upon a method that works.  Uberdude, Sonic Gal and I still go on patrols, but The Brain usually stays home these days and eats olives and ice cream.

Its only super powers (so far) appear to be Look Like An Alien and Kick Host's Ovaries at Extraordinary Speed, but we're all crossing our fingers for some rainbow expulsion power that makes people happy or something.  Sometimes the real powers don't manifest until puberty, and that's just a LITTLE ways off from the look of this picture.

Anyway even though it's not my baby, these are my uberpeeps and my chosen family and we have bonded over moral questions like "Should Batman get over himself and kill the Joker?" in the course of our Superhero Ethics Training.  So I think my 38 year streak of never changing a diaper is about to come to an end.  At the very least, I'm going to end up being Uncle Joey from Full House, and there is a non-zero chance that when this kid draws his family in kindergarden, there's going to be a moment of explaining what is up with the two dads.

So this is sort of why I'm interested in what I should focus on.  My time might be at a premium soon, what with all the junior crime fighting little leagues and converting the Rectitudemobile into a mini-van and such.

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  1. We can totally call you over to work on your poop-wiping techniques. Casey developed mastery over the past couple of years.