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Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome The Patron Muses

[We're still in wibbly wobbly updatey watey time here, so my "main" article will probably show up later in the week.  In the meantime it seems overdue to add my Patron/Muses, of whom I've spoken before, to the Cast and Crew.  Plus one of the Patron/Muses is celebrating Uterine Liberation Day and since emancipation from the Wombarian oppressors only happens once in a lifetime, it is right and proper to do something nice each time the Earth reaches roughly the same point in its perennial solar revolution. So this (sans pictures and some of the text related to their explanation) is what will be going into the cast and crew.]

How about we frolic, and YOU get your ass to work?

Patron Muses

VERY NSFW, but also very, very funny.
Though Cathamel retains the Primary Muse status, and is the fiercest ass kicker muse there has ever been (as you can see from this image of her before I came into her care, and she took the form of a dragon), there are a few readers of writing about writing who have been acting as patron/muses.

I can try to sing their praises, but it will never quite be enough.  Whether they show up to social events with their entire family dressed in Writing About Writing t-shirts, donate a non-trivial amount month after month, drop a donation on me that is so huge my mouth literally goes dry, or simply help my social media proliferation by liking and sharing just about every damn thing I put up on my Facebook page, they are who I think of when the writing gets hard.  They are the ones I realize I can't let down even when I sort of feel like letting down myself might be okay.  They are the ones who keep me going.

Right now there are four of them (but there's always room for one more).  Laura, Gillian, Alisha, and Adem.  I salute you.

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