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Friday, June 21, 2013

No poll....

I've changed my mind about many of the rest of the polls I had planned on putting up.  At least for now.   Only 20 or so people were voting, and my remaining questions kind of had to do with monetizing longer works and how (and how often) it was appropriate to remind people of ways they could help Writing About Writing become a viable blog with higher quality content, more fiction, and a oh-so-motherfucking-badly-needed copy editor.

I kind of need more data to deal with for questions like that.

It may be that what I need to do is find a new program that can put a poll up in the text of an entry.  The Polldaddy program I'm working with is able to do such a thing only in Wordpress but not Blogger.  The widget all the way down and on the left seem to be hard to deal with, as I still get regular readers asking where the poll actually is.

So, what I'll probably do is just wait until July, and kick back up the book polls (July will be the best stand alone fantasy novel) while I cast about for a better program for making polls.  And maybe we can try these questions when I have a few more regulars and a better interface.

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