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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Writing About Writing Merchandise?

T-Shirts.  Key Chains.  Mousepads.
The shit that makes life worth living.
I'm going to run a series of small polls for the next couple of months (four or five over June and July).  They'll be up and down in just a week or ten days, so don't hold back your vote.

First poll up:  

Would you be interested in Writing About Writing merchandise?

The poll itself is down on the left (usual spot) right above the About The Author blurb.

I've always thought branding merchandise for really small websites was kind of like publishing your novel through vanity press--so egotistical that even Hubris Man* gives you that "Dayum!" look.  But after the events of last weekend and with a few people whispering in my ear that they would REALLY find such a thing excessively awesome has made me wonder.

*Hubris Man is totally a real superhero.

Besides, I do have to admit that selling something is easier than asking for money.  Passing the hat kind of feels like those dreams you have where you're naked.

Is this a thing?  Could this be a thing?  Am I missing out on the money making equivalent of getting to sleep with Jenna Jamison by not shamelessly whoring myself out in this way.  Because I'm all about the shameless whoring.

This may not instantly lead to a vast merchandising empire--especially since I don't have much art that isn't from creative commons, but it might lead to something if the response is warmer than cup of coffee.  Well....a cup of coffee fresh enough that if you spilled it on yourself, the first thought through your head isn't going to be about the stain.

Anyway, so vote soon.  I don't have a set time for when this post is coming down.  Probably either as soon as vote activity dies down or if it becomes obvious which way the wind is blowing.

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