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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pardon our Dust

You might be noticing some cosmetic changes taking place in the top menus today.  I also plan to add a new sub-menu to the Reliquary for dealing with life stuff now that I'm sharing a bit more personal information.

I don't know exactly how Blogger R.S.S. feed works, but I apologize if these new pages and/or menus trigger feed spam.  Everything should be set up and done by the end of today.  So apologies in advance if there's a deluge.

I'm headed to the Apple store in (~looks at his watch~) well, in about five minutes, so one way or another I hope to come home with a functioning laptop--even if that means passing the budget equivalent of a kidney stone to get a new one.  So I should be able to hit the ground running on on quality updates by next week.

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