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Saturday, October 5, 2013

September's Best (Also August's Best)

So when I went to do September's top three articles, I noticed that August's had not been done either. I must have just missed it with everything else that was going on with end of summer madness.

September is the first real month I get to call officially A.C.G. (After Creepy Guy).  Numbers were way, way down from July, even down from August, but they did manage to creep up over last June.  I won't know until the end of October if I can expect them to go down a little more before they stabilize, but my best month ever B.C.G. (I'll let you figure that one out) was 22k, and that was a little inflated, so I wouldn't be surprised if it dipped a little more before it was done.

Still, I never know when some spaghetti is going to stick to the wall.  Right this second an article I wrote months ago about hating a viral Facebook meme seems to be getting some attention from Facebook groups of English teachers, so I never know what's going to get traffic.

It's a little like the ride at Six Flags that proves you're a big kid.
Here are the articles that will be going into The Year's Best (which should be getting a design update soon, so watch for that).


Personalish Update: A Writer's Time A baby shower for my roommate leads to some tough decisions.
Fifteen Things Not to Do to Writers (Unless You Want Them to Hate You) Part 1 of 3
Mailbox: Bits and Pieces Several shorter questions that have accumulated over time.

AUGUST (Caveat to August's best--two of the four Mailbox articles responding to the Creepy Guy feedback were actually the highest number, but I have included them with Creepy guy and July)

The Worst (Best) Advice About How to Be a Famous Writer The evil hacker blogger strikes again.
Mailbox: Help I'm Addicted to Writing It didn't make "the best of the mailbox" but it was pretty good for August
Meet Indem Niffy and some Cray Cray Numbers My muse has a companion now!

 Plans for October

I'm hoping to get another big chunk of Demon's Rubicon finished.  Plus a glossary entry. Twizzlefizzlepop has a book he's dying to pimp.  Of course, the last of the 15 things not to do to writers will be up in the next few days.  And if I can stop getting distracted by the wonderful books suggested by all of you for our polls, I want to re-read Bird by Bird to do a review since product reviews are a little thin around here.  All this, plus a little bit of design adjustment and our Best Horror Novel poll coming in October!

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