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Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Writer's Life

Do we REALLY want to know about THIS guy?
Chris is a total tool who lives the life beyond the persona through which this blog is written. I don't know why you wouldn't rather have me talking about threesomes or tentacle anime instead, but apparently non-W.A.W. Chris has some sort of strange appeal.

No accounting for taste, I guess.

Most of the time Monday entries are not much more than what's going on in my life or something that happened that week, and will not be here.  If you feel some sort of strange compulsion to dig through my exploits at that level of detail, you can follow the "A Writer's Life" tag or use the archives tool.

However periodically I write something that is more about me as a person, or I write about some sort of major event in my life. These are the biggies. Warning: superheroic realism and creative non-fiction are not unheard of.

Let's Get Personal                                                                        An Introvert's Birthday
Daily Dose of Demon Dueling                                                      Our Newest Little Crime Fighter
Why I Left Islam                                                                           Enter the Contrarian
A Pound of Flesh/An Ounce Returned                                          Over The Hill
Coming Out As Feminist                                                             My Life Just Got More Complicated
Opting Out: My Dubious Future in Traditional Publishing         A Writer Goes to Burning Man
Why I Literally Can't Even                                                          Through: The Only Way Out
On a Slow Week                                           
Sabbati Terminus Manibus Jazzicus                                           Paying the Bills Through Writing
Page Turn/A Dream Realized                                                      A Writer's Time
Major Meta Update 2018                                                            Peak Orangosity
Atop Death Hill

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