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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Quick Disclaimer.

It's becoming clear to me that this semester Thursday is going to be the troublesome day, so let me just take a brief moment as we gather more hummus and titty sprinkles for tomorrow's festivities to make a quick disclaimer.

A few people in a few different places have asked why I bother with the kooky characters and the running plot here on Writing About Writing. Instead of posting some "filler," why not just take a day off and write the articles that people like.

The short answer, and honestly the only answer, is that I'm not writing for you. I love my readers, and I'm still a little dumbstruck that I have actual fans, but I'm writing because I love writing. And I'm writing the blog I'd love to read. I'm writing about all those kooky characters because I like them, and I would love a blog that had something I could tune into every day, even if it were just a few characters being silly in a sort of ongoing fictionesque plot arc.

I think it's fun, and it makes me happy. If you don't like it you can ignore those posts. (Which I don't want to sound dismissive if you've got criticism or concerns, but only if it's not your cup of tea.) You won't hurt my feelings. I already look at the analytics and see those posts getting thirty or forty hits (compared with 300+ on my "meaty" articles). If I were doing it for anything but the lulz, I'd have stopped years ago in a huff.

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