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Friday, January 9, 2015

December's Best

Here are the the top three performing articles for December that will be going forth to a life of privilege and refinement in Writing About Writing's Hall of Fame.

December stats were up only slightly from November, but given how many days were SO busy that I forgot to post a rerun to my Facebook page or sometimes to cross post to other social media at all.

I also have a small budget that I apply to paid online promotion that wasn't going through in December. So far, January numbers already look like they're going to be a LOT better. Possibly even pretty close to Blog's hopes of getting 50,000 in a single month.

On Social Media and Social Justice

How Do I Describe Things? (Mailbox)

How Should I Portray People of Color? (Mailbox)

Honorable mention to a post that was very "meta" but actually pulled in more readers than even the question about portraying people of color.

The Coming Week or So

The deluge of special circumstances stretching ALL the way back to mid November is finally at an end. Birthdays, grandparents, cancer, Santa Bots, killer zombie shoppers. Finally I can settle into the quiet routine of my normal 60-80 hour week. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

I'm not going to predict what's coming for this month until I've had a solid month of productivity success. I seem to have a terrible ability to predict when I'm going to fall into a pit of unforeseen circumstances, and end up jazz handsing my way through half of the things I want to write. But I will tell you that if you've been waiting for the next part or conclusion of of ANY of my ongoing series, January is probably going to be a pretty good month.

Also, I think this last visit by grandparents will be the last time I trust that I am going to get any real work done when there is something major going on, no matter how much writing time it looks like they're is going to be on paper. I'm just going to have to get myself some Aliens-style motion sensor auto-cannons for the junk room/office and start haunting the local library a LOT more.

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