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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


For everyone following W.A.W. closely (I will be running "re-runs" on social media, not sharing this):

The second half of my Tropeception mailbox article is going to have to go up tomorrow. I'm home, but it's been a fucking killer week. Most of my sleep has been 4-5 hours in fits and starts as I helped OG get pain killer, take care of her wounds, drain fluids (the less detail I give you about that, the better), keep track of other medicine schedules, and kept her supplied with apple juice, water, and what little she could eat of broth or smoothies or something.

Last night, coming home, my flight was delayed four times, including once on the runway for a half an hour while a truck came and sprayed the wings with water. I didn't walk through my front door until after one in the morning.

I'm a wreck. I will try to do some writing tonight.