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Thursday, January 22, 2015

F.A.Q. Will I Do Freelance Work for You?

Question: Do I do freelance writing?/Will I do freelance writing/editing for you?

Short Answer

Yes, if you pay me enough. ($50+ USD/hr)

Longer Answer

You probably don't want me.

You want a professional freelance writer or a professional editor. Writers have overlapping skill sets but the places we are different matter greatly. If you're looking for someone to write a snarky writing advice listicle, I can't recommend me enough. Otherwise, I'm probably not the right tool for the right job. (I'm like using a crescent wrench to pound in screws.) If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know that I am the poster child for the difference between knowing a grammatical rule and being able to spot the error in flowing text. And while I can write freelance (and have), you'll get better faster results, that are probably more like what you're imagining, from someone who does it every day.

The thing is, I still charge what I'm worth, even if you put me to work doing something I'm not that good at. I start at $50/hour for friends or very easy jobs and I go up from there. I've billed out as high as $75/hour (a miserable job doing the kind of writing I never want to have to do). So for a few dollars more (or maybe even less) you could get someone who is a much better fit for the kind of writing you want done.

I will not work for free exposure. Never. Don't even ask.

If you are a tiny blog/artist/company/something that really can't pay and you want to corroborate for mutual exposure, I might be into that if you ask nice and don't assume I'm a gullible suckah who you can Pied Piper into free labor with the promise of ground floor opportunities and the magnanimous blessing of your approval. If you can't pay me in money, I work for Tim Tams, iStore credit, and Starship Reunion Tour tickets just to name a few, so throw your pitch if you've got one. But if I can tell you're just being cheap, there is no way. I may even write a blog entry about the breadth and scope of your suckatude.

I have written regularly for two blogs besides my own. One has given me a free t-shirt. The other, after fifteen or so articles, didn't even do that. (I got a coupon for $5 off a regularly priced t-shirt.) So I've got about all the "free exposure" I can handle afford. If I want to write for no money, I'll do it for myself.

Got that writing for nothing thing covered. Thanks.

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