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Monday, January 5, 2015

And the Winner(s) Is (Are)....

Who is the best Young Adult author?

All right. That's enough. Break it up you two.

I waited for two days, hoping that one author or another would pull into a definitive lead. (I don't like to end polls where there's a one vote victory. It feels hollow.) I posted screenshots of the tie. I called on people to vote. I sent out the cry.

And people did vote. Lots of them. One author would pull ahead--then the other. For a while there it was a three way tie with Dahl. Pierce was way ahead last night, but it was too late to put a post up. Then I woke up this morning and they were tied again. This morning I watched them crawl up through the forties, switching off the lead over and over.

So....enough is enough. I walked down to the trophy store, bought another first place trophy, and they're just both going to have to accept a first place tie. Congratulations to both Tamora Pierce and Madeline L'Engle. (And to Roald Dahl for a very strong showing and second place.)

I was thrilled to see how strong the showing was for women on this poll. Really except for Dahl it was a serious hegemony of girl power. Usually it's the other way around, and the flip is refreshing. Go ladies!

Thank you to SO many people for voting in this, and especially to everyone who made the last twenty-four hours so very interesting.

Please don't forget that all polls are generated from YOUR nominations, and for January's poll we're looking for Best Speculative Fiction Author of Color. So please toss a name into the hat. (But on that entry, please, not this one.)

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