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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June's Best: 2015

Though June marked the beginning of a tough summer with demanding schedules and even more demanding toddlers, a few articles managed to shine through. They will be added to The Best of W.A.W. and go on to ultimate fame and glory.   

Numbers are still low from the loss of Stumbleupon, but they're crawling back up toward the pre-setback levels. I have a feeling Blog isn't going to let me get away with my continued moping.

The other good news is this: unless you're one of three people I managed to get off my ass and write to, or one of two people who constantly assures me that I don't need to thank them, you may have sent a donation to W.A.W. and heard nothing back from me.

This is entirely because I suck and not due to any error on either your part or Paypal's. I suck. End of story.

I've been watching donations (even the ones big enough that I swore I would write a personal thank you for) pile up for MONTHS and I keep procrastinating and I finally got a donation that has shaken me out of my torpor. 

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