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Monday, August 25, 2014

Blog: You Are Done

At three o'clock in the morning last night/this morning Blog kicked open the door to the junk room (where I do my writing). I was frantically trying to punch out articles for the coming week.  

Blog: Okay, that's it.

Me: (still typing) What's it.

Blog: This insanity is over. Go get some sleep. Pack for Burning Man. Take a few minutes to yourself for once this month.

Me: (still typing) What? We're not even close.

Blog: Exactly. You're pedaling a bicycle flying machine that isn't aerodynamic. And no matter how fast you pedal, it won't fly.

Me: Heh. You know....that's sort of ironic since that's exactly what I told you back at the beginning–

Blog: Yes, I know. Now, go get some sleep. It's three in the morning and you are trying to write fifteen articles.

Me: You know five of them were really fluffy...

Blog: Sleep!

Me: (shaking my head) No, I can't. I have so much to do. You're the one that got me fired up for Blogust. I can't quit.

Blog: We're not going to quit, Chris. We're going to fail. But we're going to fail with dignity an honor not with some 11th hour blast of quantity over quality. That's not what Writing About Writing has ever been about–some desperate "Please look at me!"plea while jamming out half-baked fluff pieces at a rate that would make Stephen King tell you that you're overdoing it. So let's fail with a flourish, okay? And without having a psychotic episode from stress. One post a day, maybe two.

Me: No, we don't have to fail. We can still make it.

Blog: Chris–

Me: I need to write six articles for the next two days...

Blog: Chris–

Me: ....and then another four or five articles for the days I'm gone.

Blog: CHRIS!

Me: If I can promote everything properly before we leave. Maybe get a friend to post the scheduled posts on Facebook. Oh! I bet one of the patron muses would totally do it!

Blog: (in a Sean Connery voice) Indiana. Indiana.....   Let it go.

Me: (stops typing) That scene was really cool. I'm so sorry.

Blog: I'm not. You fail better. Did you notice we haven't had a single day under a thousand all month?

Me: Really?

Blog: Really.

Me: That was May's goal.

Blog: Do you ever actually read the sub title of this blog?

Me: Okay. Let's go get the shit kicked out of us by love.

Blog: Love of writing?

Me: Movie quotes are not easy to shoe horn into this sort of situation.

This morning, in my e-mail, I received this from Blog along with this note: 

"See you at the finish line."


  1. Hmm, so if you met May's goal in Blogust does that mean you'll make August's goal in Novemblogger? (Ok my blogmanteaus are getting a little strained now)

    1. I'm guessing early next year, actually. Things have plateaued a little around 30k.