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Sunday, August 24, 2014


Baby Soldier is ready for the next four days.
Are you?
So I'm leaving Vera for a few days to do my writer-goes-to-Burning-Man thing again this year. And I also have Blog breathing down my neck not to give up on its August ambitions.

I swear some days it can feel really frustrating to be at the whim of anthropomorphized aspects of my creativity.

I can schedule posts (and I will) but the problem is how little traffic occurs on posts I don't promote. And I won't be around to do that promotion by Thursday. Of course any of you are always welcome to help me promote any post, and this coming five days or so (Thursday-Mon or Tues) will be no different, but the last time I counted on someone for something this important, I ended up with a couple of no-shows to a threesome.  (I still had a good time, but it was disappointing.)

However, there's a lot of half-written, plotted out, planned, and percolated content intended for August that's still coming. I got it ready (some of it just needs a revision or a polish) but I ran out of time to post it all.

Also as a point of note: I am going to be waiting to post the first installment of our grand experiment until I am back from Burning Man. I'll be gone next week, and I don't want the first thing I do to be a one week break.

That does means there's going to be a "glut" of articles in the next few days as I attempt to get all the good ones posted before I leave so that I can properly promote them, and then things will calm down after that.

Or maybe you are. I don't really know. 
It's just some blog entries really.
No need to be all melodramatic with your skull and your wings and shit.

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