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Monday, August 4, 2014

This Is Me Relaxing

Is that a spider on your keyboard or are you just a meth addicted nutjob?
Gonna just mash the highlight reel since this weekend has been just north of army ants (though less than beavers) on the busy scale. I have been writing like an insane maniac....as you can see.

Not only did I pound out articles for Blogust, but I also wordsmithed my latest for Grounded Parents and got a solid draft of my next Ace of Geeks article (probably up later this week). I also still have a mountain of thank you notes to the people who are generous enough to donate to Writing About Writing and ensure that everyone gets daily articles instead of only three or four updates a week.

  • School is over for now. That means my weeks have dropped to a lackadaisical sixty hours of writing and housework. Ahhhh. (That's sliding into a hot tub "Ahhhhh." with a period and mostly H's not the scream of stressed frustration "Aaaah!"with an exclamation point and mostly A's.) Such easy bliss being a writer. Just sitting around all day in no pants doing nothing.....except those sixty hours.
  • I'm back to a pretty boring rotation of watching The Contrarian, cleaning the house, and writing. That's not to say watching The Contrarian is ever boring–especially when he wants to fight crime–but writing about blowouts and trying to find the toy that won't make him cry probably wouldn't convey the pulse pounding urgency of living through those experiences.
  • Maybe it was taking on the robust ambitions of Blog or just not taking a long enough break after summer school ended, but I have this feeling like I'm Wily Coyote in that moment after he's run off the cliff, but before he looks down. (Doesn't he manage to blindfold himself and run back at least once?)
  • I locked myself away this weekend to do all the writing and I'm experiencing a bit of loneliness. I'm an introvert, not a hermit. Even if it's just binge watching Orange is the New Black with Supportive Girlfriend I still need some kind of connection.
  • I also probably shouldn't be trusted to have any reasonable emotions right this second. Between a cranky Princess Mononoke last night and a brain worried about Grounded Parents flame war comments, I only got about four good hours, and I'm a bit of a zombie right now.
The first week of vacation is always a little weird for me. With ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD, I tend to overcommit and forget that shit like down time, reading, and sleep still have their place in my world. This "Thrusters to Maximum!" shit got old when I was still in my twenties. There's almost always an adjustment about a week into a major vacation where I confront the fact that taking 18 hours a week of school out of my schedule did not somehow add 40 hours a week of open season time back in.

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