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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Don't Forget to Vote

A bit over a week remains in our Best Multi-Author Book Poll. Come get your vote on.  

Only a few days remain to vote on in our multi-author book poll. While Good Omens has taken a heavy lead, our resident Pratchet fan has apparently already expended all of his "street cred" for stuffing the ballot box, as Niven/Pournelle are close on Good Omen's heels, and the other Pratchet book is tied for last place.

I don't know exactly when I will be home from Burning Man, but I'll close the poll as soon as I've showered and slept. It might be as late as September 2nd, but please don't count on anything beyond Aug 31st. My ride is, after all, a mother who will be away from her 9 month old for the longest time she's ever been. One of us is bound to crack.

As always, remember the polling program has a fatal flaw. It only holds your ISP address for a week. So if you voted when the poll first went up, you can vote again. And if you vote right away, you can vote again right before the poll closes.

So take a moment to scroll down to the long black poll on the lower left and tell the world which multi-author book you find to be more amazeballs than all the rest.

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