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Saturday, August 2, 2014

July's Best

Here are the articles from July that will be going on to fame and immortality in The Best of W.A.W. Despite a tough month of 80 hour weeks for your intrepid head writer, Chris. Despite teaching, housekeeping, and more than a couple of shrugged off articles for Project Sanity. Despite it all, we still managed to squeeze out a couple of gems to shine through. Not just the best of the worst either, these were some actually good articles that got some genuine internet interest.

Word Crimes- My take on what is perhaps Weird Al's most controversial new song.

Opting Out: My Dubious Future in Traditional Publishing- Why even though I'm not going to stop writing, you may never see one of my books on the shelf.

The Mailbox: Self Doubt- When there's no money, no audience, and no sign that there ever will be, should we keep writing, or throw in the towel?

July was a great month, especially considering how often I set things to autopilot so I could cry myself to sleep and dream of middle schoolers in an open field and me with a full-auto paintball gun. We got a few more hits than June (though a few hundred fewer than May).

Having trouble coming up with a new joke about how phallic last summer's traffic spike looks?
Write in suggestions!!

Of course the real test is going to be if we can get 50,000 in August (Blogust).

The plan for Blogust is very ambitious. Fiction, major articles, the start of a new series, and the continuation of a couple of classics. I'm even making sure to play a little bit of Skyrim every few days so that the review I have left fallow for over a year will get its newest installment.

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