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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chris Will Be Reading.....

Drumroll Please

By the narrowest of margins, I will be first reading Fahrenheit 451 to go all Lit Analysis up in its grill.  Give me a week or so to re-read it since I haven't in years (and since Ender's game took an early lead and I started to re-read THAT, and now I'd like to finish it) and a week or so to write something I'm not ashamed to post publicly.  (This will take a little more finesse than my usual fare of ball-gargling jokes.)  Look for my write up before October is over, but you will likely have had your first sighting of a Slutty Something costume by that point.

I'm particularly fond of slutty ninjas, myself.  I'm all literary.  I dig irony.

If this becomes a popular segment, I'll do it again.  I'll also put American Gods and Ender's Game on my NEXT poll since they were the two runners up.  (Foundation technically has one less vote than it does because someone told me that I would really have to read the trilogy to count so that was an "extra credit" vote.)  So if you're just dying to see me write up an expository essay about Gaiman's characterization of Shadow, you'll still get your chance.

I want to thank everyone who voted.  This has been really fun!

In the meantime, I'm off to drink from the "golden age" of science fiction.  Back before any robots-are-people-too plot was hopelessly derivative.

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  1. I like the idea of doing this regularly; I hope it catches on.