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Monday, October 8, 2012

Folks Worth Checking Out

Other Blogs I Write For
Ace of Geeks- Blog and Podcast. Geek talk about movies, video games.....and occasionally even books.
Grounded Parents- A parenting spin off of Skepchick (Might not be everyone's cup of tea).

Friends Worth Visiting

The Creative Cat- Blog.  A long time freelance writer who shares her trials and tribulations.
Book Snippets- Microblog with great quotes from great books
Anita M King's Writing Window- Blog of a fellow writer.  Lots of good creative prompts here.
That Blond Mom- Blog of a friend, journalist, and working writer.
Adam Licsko- An amazing painter with a recently released book called Kama Sutra for One
Chris Mead- A blog by a friend's father about his book, Swallow The Sky–available on Kindle.

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