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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ninjas, Pirates...or Bacon?

"Hot damn, I just can't get enough of them tags!"

Well, the people of Writing About Writing have spoken, and tags it is.  Except Blogger calls them "labels," which I guess makes me happy since I don't have to imagine that a street gang with spray paint has claimed the W.A.W. as their territory.

But not too many people actually voted in my poll.  So now I'm putting up the REAL ultimate poll of ultimate destiny.  The poll is down at the bottom of the left hand column (where the running poll will always be).



Or bacon?

And no, you can't pick ninjas standing over a dead pirate eating bacon.  Or vice versa if that's how you roll.  I'm sorry.

Just...you know...pretend this Youtube video is all over who gets the last piece of bacon.


  1. BACON! Whether you are a silent ninja or a foolhardy pirate, everyone loves BACON!