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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Like Any Building Owner In Oakland...Should I Live With It?

Should Writing About Writing have tags?

I have resisted tags in the past because of The Reliquary.  The Reliquary is where all my non-trivial articles end up.  It was always my thought that I wrote about so few topics that adding tags would be kind of inane, but looking at my efforts to keep the Reliquary from being more than a half a dozen HUGE lists, it occurs to me that I could have tags if I wanted.

But tags...?  Tags?  They seem so banal.  I'm from Oakland; I look at tags all day.  Do I want more in my blog?

But maybe they'll give me more traffic.  Maybe a lack of tags has cost me hundreds...perhaps THOUSANDS of page views.  Now is my chance to rectify this.


If you want Chris to say: "Hot damn, I just can't get enough of them tags!" scroll down to the poll on the left (under the Bio) and click YES.

If you want Chris to say: "God as my witness, I'll never have tags again!" scroll down to the poll on the left (under the Bio) and click NO.


  1. Does blogger have categories? If so, I think you should make good use of categories, rather than tags.

    1. I don't think so. I'm not absolutely sure, but I haven't seen such a thing.