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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

W.A.W. Takes Tuesdays Off

Well, I was going to wait until November to announce this, but I have an evil clone I need to track down and beat the crap out of for erasing my Fahrenheit 451 essay.  (Now I have to rewrite the whole thing.)

Writing About Writing is going to start taking Tuesdays off.   

The staff here has been doing six day weeks since we started and they're about to go crazy.  Officially they've been off weekends for a while now, but I've called them in on Saturday more often than not.  And since unsupportive girlfriend often cruises into the basement and shuts down W.A.W.'s power or comes into the main office and complains until we wrap up for the day.  So I am going to murder two avians with the same rock.

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