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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

$102 Thank You!!!

Our Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Fundraiser is over, and you were AWESOME!! Thank you all so much!

I am pleased to report that June was a record breaking month for donations here at Writing About Writing. Thank you so much to everyone who found a few dollars they could part with. And while it has definitely been cool for me to have the best monetary month to date (even after I gave 1/3 of it to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter), the truly amazeballs part was how much we were able to raise for children's literacy.

I'm rounding up some change but the Writing About Writing contribution to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter will be $102 dollars. With the two people who have agreed to match, that comes out to $306.00. (And with Seth McFarlane's last week matching pledge, it will actually be $612.00.)

Not too shabby for a second eighth rate blog.

Again, thank you all so much.

For those who just didn't have the funds in June, thanks for turning off ad blockers, sharing articles, and helping W.A.W. get out to a cruel and uncaring blogoverse.  Also don't forget that 10% of Writing About Writing's proceeds always goes to children's literacy. In fact, I am hoping now to be able to work with my local library to get them a subscription to Reading Rainbow and to buy tablets for the library so kids can watch it there. Handing them a check was nice, but I'd rather be involved in a project. If the library agrees to work with me on this, I'll even keep folks here appraised of how many tablets we've donated.

There will still be kids who need to learn to love books come July. I promise!

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