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Saturday, July 5, 2014

July Poll Write In: Best Multi-Author World

July's poll is something a little different. This month we're going to be nominating multi-author worlds for our poll. While this will include most science fictions with extended universes in which several authors have taken part (like Star Wars and Star Trek), it will also include several collaborative world like Thieves' World, Merovingian, or Wild Card.

The rules:

1- You are nominating the worlds, not their authors, so consider how the world shapes up even when the not-so-great writers are doing their part.

2-Everyone can nominate two worlds. 

3- At least two authors must have published in this word--that's at least two "real" published books with different authors. I am no traditional publishing snob, but these books must be sanctioned. If there's a world where the self-published have taken part in with sanction (that means an ISBN number, but not Kindle Worlds) then that's okay, but if you're picking up that I'm trying to limit nominations by single authors who've created worlds that have subsequently been written in by fan-fiction authors, you're right. 

4- You can second as many nominations as you like, and in fact, you should. We haven't had a poll in the last year where the final names for the poll didn't at least have one second each.

Please don't forget to make your nomination as a comment on this post rather than as a reply on the social media where I cross post the blog. I'll take them from any medium, but you are much less likely to get a second.


  1. "Heroes in Hell" shared fantasy world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heroes_in_Hell

    "Man-Kzin Wars" set in the Known Universe originally created by Larry Niven http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man-Kzin_Wars

  2. "Doctor Who" - both/either of the Virgin Novels series and the BBC Novels 8th Doctor series (i.e. the ones when there was no TV series to tie in with). Especially the Prof. Summerfield spin-offs on Virgin.

    The "Foundation" saga, created by Asimov: I forget all the additional authors, but a series of novels by authors including (IIRC) David Brin was commissioned after Asimov died.

    1. Seconding Foundation - does it count as the same "world" as the robot/spacer/settler world? If not, nominating it!

  3. Faction Paradox, created by Lawrence Miles
    Dark Futures, published by GDW and has nothing to do with any of thier game worlds

  4. Replies
    1. I am amused at the thought of the two of you collaborating on these nominations even though I know almost certainly that one of you didn't log out. :-p

    2. Second Wildcards, MechWarrior, Star Wars and Thieves World

    3. Thanks Werepanda! You basically single handedly insured we can at least run a little poll with this! :)

  5. I'll nominate Thieves World, which I could pick up and read again at almost any time. And the place GRR Martin first started killing off beloved characters, Wild Cards.
    And I'll second Forgotten Realms, it's a really well constructed milieu.

  6. The Warded Man series and the Lightbringer series

  7. P.E.R.N. Both Ann McCaffrey and son Todd McCaffrey have now published books set there.

  8. Darkover!

    Fifth Millennium Series by Shirley Meier, S.M. Stirling and Karen Wehrstein

    Brain and Brawn Ship Series by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye and Margaret Ball

    and Seconding PERN, cuz sure!

  9. Stephen King's and Peter Straub's "The Talisman" and "Black House" world: The Territories.

  10. Seconding Star Trek.
    Also, I'm not sure if this really counts as a universe, but I'll nominate the Cthulhu Mythos.

  11. Second, third, fifth, whatever to Thieves World! Also to Pern, even though I hate what Todd's done to it.

  12. Wild Cards seconded! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_Cards)
    Darkover seconded (or thirded, fourthed, whatever)

    Here some suggestions
    Instrumentality of Mankind (Cordwainer Smith) (he might be the only one that wrote in this universe... but it is an amazing universe!)
    World of OZ (Frank Baum and other authors)
    Velgarth (Mercedes Lackey plus other authors)
    Known Space (Larry Niven plus others )
    Vorsigan Universe (Lois McMaster Bujold) (might not have other authors using it....)

    .... I'll stop now....