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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Poll Results: Best Fantasy Series

Again? Seriously?
Shocking results are shocking, and I am shocked. 

Let's all take a moment to fire up our Ben Stein impressions and express the most deadpan surprise we can that a major Pratchett online forum was able to influence a tiny blog and catapult Discworld into first place.

However, some really interesting things did happen from the second place onward.

  • Lord of the Rings didn't win. Usually a fantasy poll with LotR on it is pretty much no contest. Between it's foundational value to the genre and the newfound fans due to the Peter Jackson movies.
  • Dresden beat out Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. It may have been the influx of more genre savvy fantasy fans and fewer mainstream votes but you don't normally see Dresden do so well–especially up against some of the hardcore favorites.
  • Harry Potter didn't actually do very well–and even straight up lost to Pern. Let me say that again: Harry Potter lost to Pern. Very unusual in most modern lists.
  • Jhereg has this habit of always showing up to the final round and then getting the crap kicked out of it, but what I found very interesting is that Earthsea did the kicking.

Even accounting for the Discworld shenanigans, this is a very interesting poll.

Fire up your thinky bits for the best world in which multiple authors have written. I'll be collecting write ins on Thursday.

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