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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Quick Note

A quick note to all my breathtakingly generous patrons:

You are not forgotten. You are not ignored. I have been positively derelict in my duty to thank you all in a proper way. However, I have not, at any point, forgotten that I am being derelict.

I owe a number of people of spectacular generosity an e-mail of thanks for their often jaw dropping contributions. (And it seems as if the Patron Muses shall have at least one new inductee.)

My world got tons easier when I finished teaching summer school, but it is still pretty much wake up, be handed a kid, watch kid for six hours, write like the wind, clean the house, fall into bed, do it all again the next day. I do all my extra stuff on the weekends, and since last weekend I needed to recover from teaching, I didn't get to the small mountain of stuff that's been accumulating for the last two months.

I won't be promoting this post on social media, but I figure you all are following in a way that you'll see it somehow. I just wanted you to know in the meantime that each and every one of you is spectacular.

1 comment:

  1. This Patron Muse is happy to see you posting regularly. I made some notes as I was reading through posts while getting out from under my pile of... ah... you know... stuff. Maybe I'll find them again by the time that Thank You email arrives. (I need to clean my desk, so... um, in other words... yeah, no need to rush things.)

    It pleases me to help other writers. I'd go dance a jig or something, but in my current stressed (and slightly intoxicated) state, about all I can manage is the Chicken Dance. Or maybe the Hokey Pokey. [giggle]

    (P.S. Weirdly, one of the "prove you're not a robot!" numbers recent was a former address of mine. That was freaky. Cut it out, Captcha.)